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A Day in the Life

My average day

Wake up 8AM
Breakfast etc
Walk ten minutes to work along the harbor stopping to say hello to everyone on the way, because everyone here knows everything about everyone here. One big family.
Load the boat.
1st dive boat dive
Swim, picnic surface interval on beach or boat
Cliff jumping
2nd dive boat dive
Unload boat
“Decompress” chill out session
Practice skills/study/ shore dive
Refill air tanks for next day
Close shop
Ten minute walk home saying good evening to everyone and talking about how your days were.
Read in hammock
Dinner with housemates
Drink bedtime beer in hammock and watch sunset.
Bedtime 10-12Pm

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June 1

Sailing into Vela Luka on the ferry bow is a bit like sailing into a post card. It’s hard to imagine such an idyll view actually exists. This perception only intensifies as I walk the streets in search of the dive shop that is to become my new home for the summer. This sleepy Mediterranean town of 4,500, is slowly starting to gear up for the coming tourist season. Everywhere you look restaurants are varnishing tables, boats are being repainted and cleaned, and summertime employees such as myself are starting to appear for every business imaginable. And yet despite the slowly growing bustle, everywhere you look, people are still mingling in the streets chatting with their neighbors and friends, and just enjoying the lovely weather. “Pumalo”, as they say constantly. Take it easy and relax.

There are six Divemaster interns here including myself, with two more to come next week. The staff house is constantly filled with different vernaculars and accents of English. It is an impressive cacophony of Finnish, Croatian, Irish, American, Korean, and Canadian dialects, coming together in a linguistic fusion.

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May 28- Slovenia

Heading South


May 28,
The Sun has found me at last in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For today at least. It finds me out on the patio of hostel Cilica, A lovely little place that has been converted from an old communist era prison. Now filled with art and colorful walls, you can still stay in cells that have been converted into rooms.

If Salzburg is a Classy boarding school girl who likes to have fun occasionally, then Ljubljana is her punk rock twin sister, who while equally brilliant, dropped out and spray paints anything and everything. Her sister may be a high class university educated artist, but Ljubljana is a self taught artist who bares her soul in her work. Not always refined or fully developed but always meaningful and full of emotion.

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May 27

Auf Wiedersehen


May 27
Germany bodes me farewell with the same attitude he has shown me throughout my adventures here. That is to say cold, dreary, and drizzling. The train is now zipping through Austria and I spy many a cute little hamlet and farmhouse, calling out wanting to be explored, but none that I have an ear for. No, I am not in search of a transient rural hideout from the miserable weather. I am in search of total escape. South I go until I feel the warm embrace of the majestic sun. Only then, once I have felt that warm caress of sunlight will I slow down to romp with the summer.

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The name Euro Bum

My name is Kevin Russell. As long as I an remember I have been traveling and exploring the wonderful world around us. As I grew older I came to love photography and realized what a perfect means of sharing my experiences it provided. Euro Bum is a name given to me by my six year old sisters as I have backpacked my way around Europe. The name stuck, and led to the creation of this page so that you can share in the adventures too!

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